Standard Mode on Wine

GNU winecalc

This is the homepage for the GNU Winecalc project. It is a Lesser GPL version 2 licensed scientific calculator program written using C and the Win32 API intended to run under both Wine and Windows operating environments.

Please download the most recent test binary, test it and email feedback to James.

DateReleaseDownload BinaryDownload Source
2004-01-08 alpha wc20040108 - still needs new parser Binary (191k) Source (350k)

Windows 98, lcc Error Starting Program
The c:\WINECALC.EXE file expects a newer version of Windows. Upgrade your Windows version.
10/26 build seems to work ok on 10/27!
Wine 20030115
  1. Menu radio checkmarks should be round, but are still checkmarks (see menu screenshot below).
  2. Lower border white artifact, about 4 pixels wide (see menu screenshot below).
  3. Some update flashing on Wine but not noticed on Windows.
Not seen on XP, so Wine bugs? - 2003 10 21

Screenshots of GNU winecalc on Suse 8.2 with stock Wine 20030115 distro

Sci Menu on Wine Sci Mode on Wine Statistics Box on Wine