MySQL Database-As-A-Service Products Comparison Chart

Note: This chart is in beta until May 1, 2013.

Feature/Service Amazon RDS for MySQL ClearDB
Failover time under 9000 ms*2, typically 1000 ms to 7000 ms + MySQL startup + InnoDB crash recovery under 300 ms
Failover reliability Error 1236*3 happens Yes
MySQL slave No Yes
MySQL admin commands No Yes
Clouds AWS AWS, Rackspace, Azure*1, Heroku, Linode, GoGrid, Private Premises
SSD ? Azure (default), AWS optional
MySQL versions ? 5.1+
Replication mode Block-based MySQL Mixed Mode
Reported Outages Yes No
Geo-replication No Yes
Patches Yes Yes, rolling or pre-defined window
Scale up/down without data migration Yes Yes
Backups Block-based,mysqldump, snapshots mysqldump, mixed replication, request snapshots or binlog copies
Support methods Ticket, Phone for Business and Enterprise Premium Support Users Ticket, Phone
Support quality Not customer-oriented White Glove
Expert disaster recovery, like block editing Yes Yes
Supported by Percona Yes No
US Certifications
SAS70/SSAE Yes Yes
International Privacy Laws Awareness No, just pick the right AZ for your needs. Yes
Documents Contact AWS Sales ?
Billing Methods
Free 30-Day Trial Free Tier for new accounts only, for 12 months, up to 15 GB out-going bandwidth Yes
Priced Starting at Calculator Free for shared, $399.99 for dedicated
Customer-oriented SLA No Yes, 100% uptime or refund
Sales   Michael Russo
VP Sales & Marketing
469 828 3439 x 505
michael -ATTTT-

1. ClearDB is a Microsoft Strategic Partner and is the provider for Azure MySQL
2. The Amazon RDS group is “thinking about changing this”, but it’s been this way for years.
3. Amazon RDS Discussion Forums: Read replicas not replicating after failover

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Updated: 2013-04-26

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