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Microsoft Revives Flight Simulator

Stoked to hear that Microsoft is working on a release of Flight Simulator 2020, for the Xbox and PC (Windows 10). Besides being one of the top-selling games of all time, I got my IFR airplane rating in the minimum … Continue reading

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Hadoop Has No Business Model

I had a chance to talk to a Big Data sales manager 5 years ago. He said, “Hadoop is a tough sale on the East Coast. Hoping Spark will help.” Now, MapR is facing insolvency and Cloudera/Hortonworks isn’t doing great. … Continue reading

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Amazon SF Loft: Observability for Startups

Luke Demi from Coinbase (YC) gave a talk on “Observability for Startups” tonite at the AWS Loft at 525 Market Street. He talked about their odyssey through the years to monitor their infrastructure, now over 5,000 AWS servers (originally Ruby … Continue reading

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H2 Database

Java H2 Database

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Party City is Facing a Helium Shortage

I’ve read about possible helium shortages for years, but this is the first time I’ve heard of actual impact. Helium is a strategically important element used in MRI machines and scientific experiments. It’s so light, that if you don’t store … Continue reading

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