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DNS infrastructures still vulnerable to attacks

Nice article on what’s new in DNS in the past 2 years – not much apparently, according to Cricket Liu and ThousandEyes. dnsdist

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Devops and Failing Forward

When deploying a production change, usually you have a rollback procedure – documented even! 🙂 But sometimes after a deploy, things don’t work exactly as expected. At that time, you need to decide which is better: rollback, or fail forward? … Continue reading

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pico-build: the world’s smallest three-environment build and deploy system

I recently created a new minimal build system, called pico-build, that is hosted on github. pico-build is the world’s smallest, yet featureful, three-environment (dev, stage and prod) build and deploy system. It uses make, but in a different way than … Continue reading

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Game Developer News Links

When I was working in Toronto in the mid-90’s, I was offered a game developer role at a downtown company. At the time, I was one of the top arcade players on Centipede, Millipede, Battlezone and G-LOC. I had also … Continue reading

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Gitlab for Users Transitioning from Github

After using Github for several years, I recently used Gitlab for a solo developer project. Some of the differences I noticed over the past two weeks were: 1. After initial signup, I got a 422 error HTTP response for about … Continue reading

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