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Amazon Waterproof Kindle Oasis

Interesting news that Amazon is selling a waterproof Kindle, and that previously Jeff Bezos used Kindles in a one-gallon Ziploc bag in the bathtub. I worked on the Cloud backend for the discontinued Ricoh eQuill waterproof business tablet. There are … Continue reading

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PSA: Acer Aspire D150 Netbook Still a Viable Notebook

While my Macbook Pro was getting the battery replaced recently, I used my Acer Aspire One D150 netbook daily. The Acer Aspire is an Intel N270 Atom-based 800×600 notebook running Windows XP, so I wasn’t expecting much overall, but it … Continue reading

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Mobile and Sharing Economy in Manila – End of 2014 Review

I was in Manila for the holidays. Here’s what’s new in mobile and sharing there. (Manila can be used as a proxy to understand other large SE Asian cities.) Ride-Sharing The biggest news in 2014 was the rise of “ride-sharing” … Continue reading

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State of Mobile Internet in the Philippines 2013

I was in Manila for the Memorial Day weekend, and went to the beautiful new Robinsons Magnolia Mall in New Manila, Quezon City. Here’s some info I got in the Globe Telecom store on the current state of mobile (phone … Continue reading

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What Happened to Japan’s Electronic Giants?

BBC has an excellent analysis of Japan’s decline in consumer electronics title, “What happened to Japan’s electronic giants?” According to Tokyo-based economist Gerhard Fasol, “the Japanese giants were overtaken by the digital revolution. The Japanese giants actually built their empires … Continue reading

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