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Redis and CentOS 7

Redis is a feature-packed cache that’s easy to install and work with. Here’s some notes on installing and using Redis with CentOS 7. Install available redis package from your available yum repos: # yum install redis # systemctl enable redis … Continue reading

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Solr Meetup at Cloudera in Palo Alto

Cloudera hosted another Solr Meetup at their office in Palo Alto. About 30 people attended. Two software engineers from Cloudera did presentations tonite: 1) Michael Sun talked about his nitely Solr microbenchmark and cluster benchmarks. Solr Nightly Benchmarks (SOLR-10317) 2) … Continue reading

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Distributed Systems Laws Applied to Distributed Databases

Avery’s Law of Distributed Systems Reliability: “Distributed systems are more reliable when you can get a service from one node OR another. They get less reliable when a service depends on one node AND another. And the numbers combine multiplicatively, … Continue reading

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Redis Conference 2017

I went to RedisConf 2017 Wed. and Thu. at the Marriott Marquis in SF hosted by RedisLabs. About 2,000 people showed up – initially surprising to me, but then Redis is more than a key-value store. Kudos to RedisLabs for … Continue reading

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Storage: Erasure Encoding Acceleration with Intel CPUs

There’s basically 3 ways to store online data, where “storage” includes block and/or network locations: filesystems on top of blocks (zfs, xfs, ext4) object stores across storage (OpenStack Swift, Backblaze, S3) files erasure-encoded across storage networks (CleverSafe) CleverSafe struggled along … Continue reading

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