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Kinko’s Campbell as a Third Place

Kinko’s Campbell used to be 24 hours around 2004, and as the only place open, had a vibrant late-nite community of regulars. Later the hours were reduced by the regional manager, and then Fedex bought the chain. On most nites, … Continue reading

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PSA: Acer Aspire D150 Netbook Still a Viable Notebook

While my Macbook Pro was getting the battery replaced recently, I used my Acer Aspire One D150 netbook daily. The Acer Aspire is an Intel N270 Atom-based 800×600 notebook running Windows XP, so I wasn’t expecting much overall, but it … Continue reading

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Thomas Inch Dumbbell Links

Thomas Inch was a strongman/circus performer in the early 1900’s. He is best remembered for creating a series of dumbbells with almost 2.5″ thick handles, the largest weighing 172 pounds (the “Inch”.) He would demonstrate an Inch lift, then offer … Continue reading

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Bash Shellshock Fix for Old Macs

This chap has a shellshock fix for older Macs, including PPC and pre-Mountain Lion. I tested it on a Macbook Pro (Intel) with Leopard 10.5.8 and it works fine. It is also an easy way to fix failed bash update … Continue reading

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Jeppesen Tech Star Flight Computer Manual

I haven’t seen any Jeppesen Tech Star Flight Computer manuals online, so here’s a feature summary. Overview uses 4xAAA batteries, thus prone to corrosion comes with plastic film to protect keyboard (leave it on) math calculations are instant, but menu … Continue reading

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