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What Happened to Japan’s Electronic Giants?

BBC has an excellent analysis of Japan’s decline in consumer electronics title, “What happened to Japan’s electronic giants?” According to Tokyo-based economist Gerhard Fasol, “the Japanese giants were overtaken by the digital revolution. The Japanese giants actually built their empires … Continue reading

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Exciting Summer Olympics 2012 in Track and Field

The local Safeway supermarket had a soda display similar to this. Another exciting Summer Olympics in Track and Field events. There were doubts about Usain Bolt’s focus and fitness before the Olympics, and competition from Yohan Blake, his younger teammate. … Continue reading

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M8trix Casino Finally Opens

Congratulations to M8trix Casino in San Jose for finally gaining permission to open from City Council, several months after construction was complete. … even though they long had the required building permits and an existing gaming license, from the Garden … Continue reading

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The Power of Negative Thinking In Business Planning

The New York times has an interesting opinion piece, “The Power of Negative Thinking.” Living in California, this topic is especially relevant, as kids are told they’re all winners to maintain their self-esteem. An example of a successful application of … Continue reading

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OSCON 2012, Portland

Back to Portland for the 2012 O’Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) @oscon. The main themes this year were: looks like 2012 is the year that the Redhat GlusterFS distributed filesystem really takes off. Gluster is the first DFS ready for … Continue reading

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