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Major Tornado Damage in Leamington, Canada

I grew up in a town called Leamington, Ontario, Canada. Although occasionally I saw waterspouts on Lake Erie, tornados were less common and rarely caused damage. This summer the town had a major tornado (F1) tear through town at ground-level … Continue reading

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Long Weekend in Hawaii

I had a relaxing long weekend in Honolulu. It’s nice to have a change of scenery periodically. It was fairly quiet in Waikiki, as Japanese tourists are still afraid of the swine flu and mainland Americans do the “staycation”. Both … Continue reading

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Trip to Bali and Lombok

I vacationed almost 2 weeks in Indonesia, arriving via Jakarta, but staying mainly in Bali with a day-long trip to Lombok. Getting There The flight there on Cathay Pacific from SFO was remarkable in that we head strong headwinds, so … Continue reading

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MRI for $100

Doing a little medical tourism in Medan, Sumatra, today. My foot has been bothering me after a bike accident, so might as well take a picture with the MRI machine here. Gleneagles Hospital is an impressive, newish building in Medan. … Continue reading

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