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Perl Sample Code for Geolocation Lookups with MaxMind GeoLite2

There’s been a lot of changes with MaxMind’s GeoIP database: You must register for an account to download databases. The database format was changed from GeoIP to GeoIP2. The free databases are called GeoLite2. Older lookup APIs no longer work, … Continue reading

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Redis and CentOS 7

Redis is a feature-packed cache that’s easy to install and work with. Here’s some notes on installing and using Redis with CentOS 7. Install available redis package from your available yum repos: # yum install redis # systemctl enable redis … Continue reading

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Perl, DBI and MySQL utf8mb4 Character Set Support

MySQL’s modern UTF-8 encoding is named utf8mb4 (4 bytes), not utf8 (3 bytes.) For new applications, especially web, you should start with utf8mb4. For existing applications, you need to decide if an upgrade is worthwhile, and test extensively before a … Continue reading

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Lecture: Silicon Valley Perl Meetup – REST API Server Programming With Perl

I gave a talk at the Silicon Valley Perl Meetup on “REST API Server Programming With Perl.” Here are the slides: Part 1: “The REST API Landscape in 2017” Part 2: “REST API Server Programming with Perl, Swagger and the … Continue reading

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Configuring IPv6 on Linux CentOS

Configuring IPv6 on your linux server is this easy if your ISP is IPv6-ready (if not, see Tunnelbroker links below) on CentOS 5 and 7: vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-my_interface file, note the settings that start with “IPV6” and update them: DNS2=2001:4860:4860::8888 – … Continue reading

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