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Terraform Workspaces

Terraform workspaces allow you to use a different state file from the CLI, or the equivalent with Terraform Cloud. Workspaces are used to provide cooperative isolation. They can be thought of like programming language namespaces. A workspace called production is … Continue reading

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OpenAPI to GraphQL Gateways

A lot of companies are in the situation where they have a working, tested REST API server and they want to enable GraphQL queries as easily as possible. Both are data access methods that allow end-users and developers to query … Continue reading

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KiCad Features

– KiKit is a panelization utility that supports panel fiducials (alignment markers.) (EasyEDA and Altium have a built-in panelization UI.) The KiCad fiducials key is “F”. – Panelizing boards within KiCad – Random KiCad Tips – there is a component … Continue reading

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OpenLayers 5.3.0 and “SyntaxError: missing : in conditional expression”

Just a PSA for Openstreetmap Openlayers 5.3.0 API users. The rawgit CDN ol.js file appears to contain a malformed ternary operation that causes browsers to not create the ol object, breaking map programs. The Firefox web console says: SyntaxError: missing … Continue reading

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Perl Sample Code for Geolocation Lookups with MaxMind GeoLite2

There’s been a lot of changes with MaxMind’s GeoIP database: You must register for an account to download databases. The database format was changed from GeoIP to GeoIP2. The free databases are called GeoLite2. Older lookup APIs no longer work, … Continue reading

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