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Cassandra vnodes Streaming Reliability Calculator

The Cassandra database has a setting in cassandra.yaml, num_tokens, for the number of vnodes. num_tokens is the number of partitions to use per host, and thus the number of parallel streams to use for data updates. The default was 256 … Continue reading

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Gitlab for Users Transitioning from Github

After using Github for several years, I recently used Gitlab for a solo developer project. Some of the differences I noticed over the past two weeks were: 1. After initial signup, I got a 422 error HTTP response for about … Continue reading

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PostgreSQL and “PANIC: replication checkpoint has wrong magic” error

PSA: I haven’t seen a solution to this issue online, so posting it here for search engines to index. PostgreSQL is an ACID-compliant database, but filesystem corruption can still prevent it from starting. In my case, a linux test instance … Continue reading

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RedisConf 2018

I attended RedisConf 2018 on Thursday at Pier 27 (The James R. Herman Cruise Terminal) in SF. Just like 2017, the talks were extremely high-quality and imaginative – I wished I could see all of the tracks. The Herman Center … Continue reading

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Percona Live 2018 Conference

I attended the Percona Live 2018 database conference in Santa Clara again. As always, the conference was very well-organized and had great talks. For 2018, Percona attempted to make it more affordable, with prices in the $600 range. Much appreciated! … Continue reading

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