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Table Partitions in MySQL and Postgresql

We’re lucky to have two great Open Source databases, MySQL and Postgresql. One of the killer features in both MySQL and Postgresql is table partitions – for example, most Silicon Valley adtech companies are powered by MySQL partitions. They let … Continue reading

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PSA: Intel and AMD Security Bugs and the DBA

Also affects Linux servers, which power the Cloud. There’s at least 5 problems related to the on-going Meltdown and Spectre serious CPU security bugs (AWS announcement) that impact the Database Administrator (DBA): in shared environments, like AWS or VMs, neighbour … Continue reading

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Part 1: Migration Notes from MySQL to Postgresql Using pgloader

Recently I migrated a small but non-trivial (25 tables, about 500 columns, no triggers or SPs) MySQL schema to Postgresql using the Open Source pgloader utility. pgloader supports migration from several databases/formats (MySQL, Sqlite, MS SQL, dBase, CSV) to Postgresql. … Continue reading

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WordPress Community Scheduler Interval Bug

I opened WordPress Bug 42866: “WordPress Community Scheduler Interval Bug.” I found that when writing the RackPing Monitoring widget, scheduled tasks frequently run up to 45 seconds earlier than the 15 minute interval specified. This may have wide and serious … Continue reading

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How to Autoscale AWS RDS Read Slaves

I don’t see a lot of links on autoscaling AWS RDS read slaves. Is the reason: AWS RDS users are simply content with relying on features as they arrive? users could just be upsizing RDS masters or moving to Aurora, … Continue reading

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