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RedisConf 2019

Redis Labs presented another well-organized, strong technical conference this year. Once again it was held at Pier 27 in SF. The conference theme this year was, “Redis, Database for the Instant Experience.” Executive Summary: Redis Enterprise active-active (based on CRDTs) … Continue reading

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Announcement: Linux Utility Available

Announcing a new SRE utility I wrote called to report and optionally encrypt any AWS S3 unencrypted buckets: it can be run from the command line or a crontab it’s useful for IT compliance MIT License. See the README … Continue reading

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oom-report linux Utility

Announcing a new SRE utility I wrote for processing linux syslog Out of Memory (OOM) entries, oom-report. It parses logfiles for OOMs and reports on how much RAM (vm + rss) each process used and sorts from smallest to largest. … Continue reading

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Postgres Performance on AWS EBS

AWS EBS is network-attached storage … in other words, S L O W, compared to local SSD for Postgres database use. I’ve been seeing average disk latency of 0.55 – 0.80 milliseconds per block (when operating correctly, otherwise 3 ms … Continue reading

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SELinux Problems in CentOS 7.x

StackOverflow has a solution to the selinux problems encountered by some CentOS 7.4 and 7.5 users related to D-Bus errors. SELinux corrupted? Now unable to boot CentOS 7 with SELinux enabled

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