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Honshu, Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Just monitoring the tsunami activity after the Honshu, Japan 8.9 earthquake: “At 9:46 PM Pacific Standard Time on March 10, an earthquake with preliminary magnitude 8.9 occurred near the east coast of Honshu, Japan . (Refer to the United States … Continue reading

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Bali Exhibit at Asian Art Museum in San Francisco

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco will be hosting a Bali art exhibit from Feb. 25 through September 11, 2011 titled “Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance.” We don’t hear much about Indonesia in the USA aside from natural disasters, but … Continue reading

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Qantas A380 Uncontained Engine Failure Links

Some detailed information including photos have been reported on the Qantas QF32 A380 uncontained Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine failure. The left inboard engine exploded and rained debris over Batam, Indonesia at 7,000′, including the suspect turbine disc, which still hasn’t … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Jayakarta Indonesian and Singaporean Restaurant, Berkeley

I had lunch at Jayakarta Indonesian and Singaporean Restaurant in Berkeley today. The owner is from Jakarta and features Betawi-style cooking. I ordered the gulai kambing (curried goat) with white rice. It was hot and delicious, with the bill coming … Continue reading

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IMUG: Game Localization: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Tonite at the International Multilingual User Group (IMUG), Anthony Fitzgerald from SimulTrans gave a good talk, “Game Localization: Are We Having Fun Yet?” Anthony has extensive experience in game localization, going back to Sierra On-Line’s Leisure Suit Larry franchise (challenging … Continue reading

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