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AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) – Call Me Maybe

When is a load balancer not really a load balancer? When it’s an AWS Elastic Load Balancer (Classic ELB or ALB.) Although it’s been well-documented for at least 6 years, it’s still not well-known that one side of a Classic … Continue reading

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RedisConf 2018

I attended RedisConf 2018 on Thursday at Pier 27 (The James R. Herman Cruise Terminal) in SF. Just like 2017, the talks were extremely high-quality and imaginative – I wished I could see all of the tracks. The Herman Center … Continue reading

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AWS Loft Security Week – GuardDuty

This week was Security Week at the free AWS Loft SF. I went to the Threat Detection & Remediation (GuardDuty) day, since I use it. GuardDuty aggregates logs from 3 sources (VPC Flow Logs, AWS CloudTrail event logs and DNS … Continue reading

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WordPress Community Scheduler Interval Bug

I opened WordPress Bug 42866: “WordPress Community Scheduler Interval Bug.” I found that when writing the RackPing Monitoring widget, scheduled tasks frequently run up to 45 seconds earlier than the 15 minute interval specified. This may have wide and serious … Continue reading

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How to Autoscale AWS RDS Read Slaves

I don’t see a lot of links on autoscaling AWS RDS read slaves. Is the reason: AWS RDS users are simply content with relying on features as they arrive? users could just be upsizing RDS masters or moving to Aurora, … Continue reading

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