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Amazon SF Loft: Observability for Startups

Luke Demi from Coinbase (YC) gave a talk on “Observability for Startups” tonite at the AWS Loft at 525 Market Street. Video He talked about their odyssey through the years to monitor their infrastructure, now over 5,000 AWS servers (originally … Continue reading

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WordPress Community Scheduler Interval Bug

I opened WordPress Bug 42866: “WordPress Community Scheduler Interval Bug.” I found that when writing the RackPing Monitoring widget, scheduled tasks frequently run up to 45 seconds earlier than the 15 minute interval specified. This may have wide and serious … Continue reading

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Internet Latency and Multi-Master Database Transactions

There’s 2 common misconceptions in engineering West Coast – East Coast data centers: that packets travel at the speed of light that database transactions must be 2-phase commit, and two masters cannot be located very far apart because of #1. … Continue reading

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The Awesome Cloudify Orchestration Tool Roundup Slides

Cloudify and Gigaspaces wrote a really useful slide deck titled, “Orchestration Tool Roundup – Docker Swarm vs. Kubernetes, TerraForm vs. TOSCA/Cloudify vs. Heat” dated June 11, 2015. There’s 3 things that make the slides awesome: they start with a sample … Continue reading

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Fix for Apache httpd Update Causing WordPress Redirect Loop

The recent CentOS 6 Apache httpd 2.2 server update changes the envariable HTTP_HOST from ‘domain’ to ‘domain:port’, causing cookie domain match and redirect issues with web apps, especially in a reverse proxy setup. /var/log/yum.log: Sep 23 23:55:25 Updated: httpd-2.2.15-60.el6.centos.5.x86_64 The … Continue reading

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