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Lionair Flight 610 737 Crash

Lion Air flight 610 crashed on October 29, killing all 189 people on board. Also, one rescue diver involved in the recovery drowned. Having flown in Jakarta, Indonesia before, I can comment on the challenges that airlines face there: hazy … Continue reading

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mysql-trigger-logger Available on github

My new github repo, mysql-trigger-logger, demonstrates how to use MySQL triggers to log the timestamp, user, SQL and a note for unexpected database changes (“heisenbugs”) from UPDATE or INSERT statements to a logging table according to custom logic. This is … Continue reading

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ADS-B Juicy Gossip

U.S. aircraft operators are required to have digital position reporting (ADS-B Out) installed, working and certified by Jan. 1, 2020. There are over 100,000 airplanes in the USA … But with only a year to go, there’s some very interesting … Continue reading

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DNS infrastructures still vulnerable to attacks

Nice article on what’s new in DNS in the past 2 years – not much apparently, according to Cricket Liu and ThousandEyes. Also check out the new DNS book from Mark Jeftovic, the founder and CEO of dnsdist

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Devops and Failing Forward

When deploying a production change, usually you have a rollback procedure – documented even! 🙂 But sometimes after a deploy, things don’t work exactly as expected. At that time, you need to decide which is better: rollback, or fail forward? … Continue reading

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