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Happy July 4th!

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Wake Vortex Reduction Trials Go Live at Vienna Airport

Very interesting trial of ground-based plates to reduce wingtip vortices near Vienna airport. If this works, airports can reduce in-trail distance, allowing more landings and takeoffs per hour. The A380 has such a major vortex problem that airport passenger capacity … Continue reading

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PSA: Migrating SSD Between MacBook Pro Computers

PSA: It’s possible to move a MacBook Pro notebook SSD drive to another similar model of the same year, with two exceptions: 1) the new computer needs the firmware for that filesystem version. For example, if the SSD used APFS … Continue reading

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Microsoft Revives Flight Simulator

Stoked to hear that Microsoft is working on a release of Flight Simulator 2020, for the Xbox and PC (Windows 10). Besides being one of the top-selling games of all time, I got my IFR airplane rating in the minimum … Continue reading

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Hadoop Has No Business Model

I had a chance to talk to a Big Data sales manager 5 years ago. He said, “Hadoop is a tough sale on the East Coast. Hoping Spark will help.” Now, MapR is facing insolvency and Cloudera/Hortonworks isn’t doing great. … Continue reading

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