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The Awesome Airplanes of Burt Rutan

Great photo collection of Burt Rutan-designed planes by Flying Magazine. He favored composites since he could mfg. prototypes almost 10x faster than metal or wood. All of his designs appear to be subsonic, which allows non-exotic composites to be used … Continue reading

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Manila 2018 Mobile Commerce

This is an annual update of my Manila mobile commerce report. Use the search widget for previous editions. Rockwell/Powerplant Mall as seen from the newish City Garden Hotel Makati 32nd storey pooldeck Chinese payment methods available in Manila. Hmm … … Continue reading

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Southwest 737 Runway Overrun and EMAS

Avweb has an article mentioning EMAS: “Southwest Airlines Flight 278 slid off the end of the runway while landing at California’s Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) at 9:05 am local time on Thursday. According to a statement issued by the FAA, … Continue reading

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Dart Pop-out Float Test On R66

Informative video on deploying Dart pop-out floats on a Robinson R66 helicopter, then repacking them. Takes about 8 seconds to fully inflate, but a couple hours to repack all 4 floats. Requires 3 men, talcum powder, a vacuum cleaner, replacing … Continue reading

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Programmers who want to curry favor (to be polite) with Paul Graham, the founder of Ycombinator, upvote postings on the Lisp programming language on Humorously, one commenter noticed this gem in a Lisp article: 🙂 classichasclass 3 hours ago … Continue reading

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