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Origin of the Elements Chart

Dr. Edward Murphy, University of Virginia, gave a profound talk on how stars create heavier elements from hydrogen and helium. One of the slides is remarkably informative, and supplements the periodic table: Lecture notes: – almost all elements come from … Continue reading

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Terraform Workspaces

Terraform workspaces allow you to use a different state file from the CLI, or the equivalent with Terraform Cloud. Workspaces are used to provide cooperative isolation. They can be thought of like programming language namespaces. A workspace called production is … Continue reading

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OpenAPI to GraphQL Gateways

A lot of companies are in the situation where they have a working, tested REST API server and they want to enable GraphQL queries as easily as possible. Both are data access methods that allow end-users and developers to query … Continue reading

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Intro to Designing and Making Your Own PCB Boards

Glossary: PCB = Printed Circuit Board EDA = Electronic Design Automation software hobbyist PCBs = single- or double-layer boards without high-frequency circuits Designing and making PCB boards is one of the easiest, least expensive, least messy CAD/CAM hobbies. Most people … Continue reading

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EasyEDA PCB Software Review

I evaluated EasyEDA Designer (v6.4.20.6 July 6, 2021 on Mac OS 10.11) to design a simple but complete (SPICE simulation, parts, mounting holes, annotations) through-hole, one-sided PCB to illuminate an LED. EasyEDA Designer is a proprietary program, but free to … Continue reading

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