Software Fix Found For A220 Engine Acoustic Resonance Shutdowns

Very interesting:

“Airbus has determined that acoustic resonance is behind the destruction of four engines on its new A220 airliners in the last couple of years. The company has come up with a software fix for the condition, which caused in-flight shutdowns of the Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan engines on three Swiss flights and one on an Air Baltic aircraft.”

Engine makers commonly use remote telemetry, so I’m a little surprised it took a couple of years to pinpoint that. But I’m sure they’ll be adding acoustic sensors now.

Acoustics are a surprisingly big deal in aerospace. HondaJet’s composite fuselage rang like a bell and even passengers needed headsets, so the new Elite version focused on reducing cabin noise by 3 db (half.) Software Fix Found For A220 Engine Shutdowns

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