Covid-19: Nobody Saw Another Corona Virus Coming?

The frequent excuse for the lack of civil preparedness to the corona virus is, “Nobody saw it coming.”

Well, actually that’s not true:

  1. BlueDot, a news alert service, notified their subscribers on Dec. 30
  2. a Texas grocery store chain with a Director of Emergency Preparedness did:
    Inside the Story of How H-E-B Planned for the Pandemic

  3. Disneyworld Shanghai was closed on Jan. 24

And in the past 20 years, there’s been:

  1. SARS-1 (2002)
  2. H5N1 (2005)
  3. H1N1 (2009)
  4. MERS (2012)
  5. Zika (2015-2016)
  6. SARS-2 (2019)

Chronic epidemics, that especially affect those hospitalized:

  1. MDR-TB
  2. obesity
  3. Ebola (most years)
  4. 18 drug-resistant “hospital” bacteria per CDC

Update 2020-04-24: The Wuhan virus lab published papers on corona virus research, and appears to be source of the pandemic. The research was funded by the US, Australian and Chinese governments. More research is needed to 100% confirm what was transmitted and when, but nobody denies this possibility now. The US DOE LLNL also confirmed this in a report in May, 2020. Inside America’s 2-Decade Failure to Prepare for Coronavirus

A corona patient using a ventilator requires up to 21 days on the machine, unlike non-corona patients, which only need 3-4 days typically. I guess it’s somewhat reasonable to not have enough ventilators on hand for 5x as many patient-days. (Update 2020-04-12: ventilator patients have a 66% to 90% mortality rate, so ventilators were ineffective and a red herring. Cannulas (rubber hose with oxygen bottle) are now recommended as long as possible – until chronic fainting.)

But there should have been a plan on how to make/procure them if needed, since the ventilator inventory count is considered important enough by many countries to be a military secret, including the US.

Some constructive things the USA can do for next time:

  1. study coronavirus (SARS-1 and SARS-2) and understand how to test and cure them
  2. maintain a FEMA/CDC/Whitehouse pandemic department and a pandemic mgmt and communications plan, like we used to do
  3. maintain a stockpile of PPE and ventilators (California’s stockpile was not maintained due to budget cuts)
  4. talk to other countries about how they handled it. China, S. Korea and Singapore did a lot better than Western countries.

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Disney Shanghai

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Due to #COVIDー19, all TCP applications will be converted to UDP to avoid handshakes.

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