Yamaha DX7 Links

Mark 1 (12-bit DAC), Logo “DX7”, pastel, membrane

Insane custom patches – 80’s Hits, Van Halen Jump, Rush Subdivisions, Rush Tom Sawyer, UK Alaska, Berlin
Herbie Hancock Yamaha DX7 Vintage Demo 80s
Woody Piano Shack: Yamaha DX7 versus DX7ii (Mk2, DX7S)

Mark 2 (16-bit DAC), Logo “Yamaha DX7”, black

DX7s, buttons, black

Woody Piano Shack: Yamaha DX7 does hits of 2017 | Ed Sheeran, DJ Snake, Major Lazer and more


DX7 Centennial (76 keys, silver, 300 made)

Gear Forum: Yamaha DX7 or DX7S???

Note: Mark I and Mark 2 cartridges are different sizes.

How to Play Guitar Parts on Keyboards with Daniel Fisher (MODX) @15:31 “Do You Feel”

Yamaha MG10XU

How to replace the battery in a Yamaha DX7s
How to restore Yamaha DX7s factory voice and performance data

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