Music: Affordable Guitar Rack

I recommend ebay seller alienbid’s “New 9 Folding Multiple Guitar Bass Holder Rack Display Stand Black” if you need an affordable guitar rack.

It’s about $19.79+tax, including free delivery.

The rack is well-made from steel, and is strong. It feels like a precision instrument as you thread the bolts into place. No tools are needed, as the bolts are thumb screws.

No extra parts are included. There is a half-page assembly guide but it’s not that helpful. I recommend having somebody help with holding parts during assembly. That way you will save a lot of time and avoid stripping any bolts.

I’d prefer if the neck dividers were cupped instead of pegs. Currently I use padded mailing envelopes to ensure there’s no “stand rash” in case a guitar twists sideways and touches the next one.

I stripped one “bracket screw” during assembly, so I sent an ebay message to the seller. He replied the next business day (in the morning), and I received a complete set of bracket screws in a bag via USPS five calendar days later for no charge. I consider that excellent customer support.

It’s steel, so requires no maintenance, although I’d avoid direct sunlight on the foam parts.

I have no idea how they can make or ship this for $20. I should get a second one. 🙂

Trogly: Gibson Zither Single Guitar Stand Review (requires oiling, humidity control and avoid direct sunlight. Nitro-safe’ish. $200 and up.)

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