Guitar Pedal Board Links

Rhett Shull is the pedal board whisperer.

Rhett’s Fly Rig:

– for travelling now, has to pack in one check-in
– TSA can disassemble your board, so KISS so you can quickly re-assemble it
– Mono board with Cioks DC7, HX Stomp ($600) and GFI Specular Tempus ($385), Origin Effects Revival Drive Compact($350)
– marine-grade cable tie-downs
This Pedalboard Does EVERYTHING | HX Stomp Rig Build
Building My Dream Pedalboard Vertex Effects
How To Build a Guitar Pedal Board (on Rick Beato’s channel)
Rhett’s Band’s Pedal Boards @7:04

Jimi’s Sound Chain


Seiji’s GT-1000 board @21:48 picSeiji's Pedal Board
Fluff’s Pedalboard Rundown – 2015
The Ultimate Mini Pedalboard!
Simon McBride Pedalboard Build – That Pedal Show

Mooer GE200
Gator GHELIXFLOOR Helix Floor Case with Wheels
Temple audio duo 17

BOSS GT-1 – LIVE GIG TEST – WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU BUY ONE (2018) – Opening box 30 minutes before live gig!

Steinberg Advice on Mac OS Catalina Compatibility Issues
Boss/Roland Multitrack Recorder Comparison

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