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Space Reality Check

Gee, this guy is even more brutally honest than I am: 5 Horrifying Facts You Didn’t Know About the Space Shuttle Also, an EASA administrator was roasted for his answer that reusable spacecraft would reduce jobs, but it looks like … Continue reading

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Major Accident Outside Stonestown Galleria Mall

Late Friday nite (Oct. 25), I happened to be looking towards the 19th Avenue and Winston Drive intersection outside the Stonestown, Galleria Mall, SF, when a major accident occurred. A car at high speed ran into another car doing a … Continue reading

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Migrating SQLite Databases to MySQL

Recently I had to migrate a relatively simple (no FKs or views) Grafana 4 database of about 20 tables and 80,000 rows from sqlite3 to mysql5.6. Below are some notes I made on the 3 methods I tried. First up … Continue reading

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Very Good Article on Boeing 737 MAX Fiasco

New Republic has a very good recent article on the Boeing 737 MAX, titled “Crash Course.” Overall, the article appeared to be written by a non-expert journalist. For example, airline accidents in Indonesia are in fact very common. But overall … Continue reading

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