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Amazon SF Loft: Observability for Startups

Luke Demi from Coinbase (YC) gave a talk on “Observability for Startups” tonite at the AWS Loft at 525 Market Street. Video He talked about their odyssey through the years to monitor their infrastructure, now over 5,000 AWS servers (originally … Continue reading

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H2 Database

Java H2 Database

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Party City is Facing a Helium Shortage

I’ve read about possible helium shortages for years, but this is the first time I’ve heard of actual impact. Helium is a strategically important element used in MRI machines and scientific experiments. It’s so light, that if you don’t store … Continue reading

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Las Vegas 2019 Trip

While on vacation in Las Vegas last week, I saw the record rainfall. I had just entered the hotel, and noticed blackening cumulonimbus clouds over the hills – within 30 minutes torrential rains lashed the hotel windows. Ultimately a record … Continue reading

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Buckethead Shrine

Buckethead is the greatest electric guitarist and composer of all time. Broadly speaking, he is generally accepted as a master at melodic shredding and melodic ambient music, though he can play anything on a guitar, and several other instruments. He … Continue reading

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