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PSA: IBM Cloud Doing DNS Zones Cleanup

One of my TuCows/ domain names became unresolvable recently that was DNS hosted with So it appears IBM Cloud/Softlayer/ServerMatrix may be doing some zone cleanup in 2019, and you should want to double-check any domain names hosted there. Or … Continue reading

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Getting Started in Computer Programming

From time to time, people ask me how to get started in the career of computer programming. If you like solving puzzles and have the ability to focus for hours at a time, then you’re a good candidate to enjoy … Continue reading

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International Committee To Review Boeing 737 MAX

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX’s stranded like seals Wow, you don’t often see two organizations destroy their brand globally at the same time – way to go, Boeing and FAA! The 737 was the best-selling airliner in history, but not … Continue reading

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RedisConf 2019

Redis Labs presented another well-organized, strong technical conference this year. Once again it was held at Pier 27 in SF. The conference theme this year was, “Redis, Database for the Instant Experience.” Executive Summary: Redis Enterprise active-active (based on CRDTs) … Continue reading

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