oom-report linux Utility

Announcing a new SRE utility I wrote for processing linux syslog Out of Memory (OOM) entries, oom-report.

It parses logfiles for OOMs and reports on how much RAM (vm + rss) each process used and sorts from smallest to largest. (By default, the linux OOM-killer kills the largest process.)

It’s a typical Unix-style filter program, so you can run it manually on the host, or copy it to each cluster host and use ssh or a configuration management tool to run it remotely.

perl oom_report.pl < /var/log/syslog | tail -10

    salt-minion =         264,981
        dockerd =         297,009
docker-containe =         442,017
          agent =         584,720
          java3 =         877,946 (dd-agent)
          java1 =       1,205,023 (logstash)
          nginx =       2,926,052
          java2 =       5,608,659 (app server)

          total =      13,427,264

Process names are squashed if identical, except java process names are uniqified with a numeric suffix.

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