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India Requests Additional MiG-29 Fighters – in 2019

Interesting how supposedly “obsolete” but great military airplanes never disappear: USA has chosen the B-52 (first flown 1952) to outlast the B-1 and B-2 due to high maintenance costs and low dispatch rate of the newer stealth bombers. More. USA … Continue reading

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Comprehensive and Well-written Collection of Life and Business Development Topics

35 Hard Truths You Should Know Before Becoming “Successful” is a comprehensive and well-written collection of life and business development topics. They can be used in many useful ways: read in one sitting, combined with self-reflection as a sequence of … Continue reading

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Postgres Performance on AWS EBS

AWS EBS is network-attached storage … in other words, S L O W, compared to local SSD for Postgres database use. I’ve been seeing average disk latency of 0.55 – 0.80 milliseconds per block (when operating correctly, otherwise 3 ms … Continue reading

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Cassandra vnodes Streaming Reliability Calculator

The Cassandra database has a setting in cassandra.yaml, num_tokens, for the number of vnodes. num_tokens is the number of partitions to use per host, and thus the number of parallel streams to use for data updates. The default was 256 … Continue reading

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Postgres Monitoring Script Available

I wrote a small performance monitoring script for Postgres during the Super Bowl on Sunday called pg_glance. You can download it from my github project pg_glance. Getting Started with pg_glance It’s easy to get started … If you’re remotely monitoring … Continue reading

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