Manila 2019Q1 Mobile Commerce

This is an annual update of my Manila mobile commerce report. Use the search widget for previous editions.

Rockwell/Powerplant Mall as seen from the newish City Garden Hotel Makati 32nd storey pooldeck. iPhone 8+, hand-held.

Chinese payment methods available in Manila.

Hmm … I guess handicams are still a problem.

Screen protectors that prevent strangers from reading your Facebook are popular.

Not a Mac!

There is a new, locally-advertised prepaid card solution PayMaya/Smart Padala, “duly licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).”

For computer repairs, the two main districts are Gilmore and Greenhills Shopping Center. The latter is cheaper for Mac repairs.

HN: Hugely Regret Using Stripe Atlas What Uber Left Behind in Asia

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