KiCad, Electronics and EDA DFM Links

Thanks to funding and project management by CERN, KiCad is the most advanced free and Open Source EDA tool now.

CERN has funded differential traces, and dragging.

Free tools will likely never catch up to commercial tools for parts libraries and integration with other tools.

But KiCAD gives many users a viable long-term path for creating PCBs that they can still update years from now without Cloud fees a la Eagle (recently bought by Autodesk.)

Lessons from Running a Small-Scale Electronics Factory in my Guest Bedroom, part 1: Design HN
Exclave: Hardware Testing in Mass Production, Made Easier

madengr: “I had an electronic module that worked in our lab, but failed at the customers, but then worked again in ours.

Turns out one of the pins in a space grade connector (MDM-25) open-circuited exactly between 68F and 70F. Our lab was 70F, and the customers was 69F. The way we caught it was to be watching the temp chamber when it slowly ramped from cold to ambient.

Turns out the connector supplier had shifted production to Mexico, and they were contaminating the contacts with RTV when sealing it. ”

Skewed Layout KiCad development Bugs
Seeed Studio guide to DFM
Xilinx: 7 Series FPGAs PCB Design Guide
Soldering SMD LED diodes
Electronics and electrical design checklist
High Power Circuit Board Design (PCB) – KiCad 5 – Part 1
Kicad vs Eagle – Which one is best? [2018 comparison]
Horizon EDA documentation 10 Best PCB Design Software Tools In 2021
KiCad 6.0.0 HN

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