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Tonga Fiber Cut 2019

Imagine your whole country’s Internet going dark. Kudos to the private ISP owners in Tonga who financed and organized a solution while the fiber is repaired. Bali is another island in a similar situation, at 100% electrical and Internet capacity … Continue reading

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The Awesome Airplanes of Burt Rutan

Great photo collection of Burt Rutan-designed planes by Flying Magazine. He favored composites since he could mfg. prototypes almost 10x faster than metal or wood. Northrop Grumman bought his company, Scaled Composites. This is his Firebird H03 Observation plane. Rutan … Continue reading

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KiCad, Electronics and EDA DFM Links

Thanks to funding and project management by CERN, KiCad is the most advanced free EDA tool now. CERN has funded differential traces, and dragging. Free tools will likely never catch up to commercial tools for parts libraries and integration with … Continue reading

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Manila 2019Q1 Mobile Commerce

This is an annual update of my Manila mobile commerce report. Use the search widget for previous editions. Rockwell/Powerplant Mall as seen from the newish City Garden Hotel Makati 32nd storey pooldeck. iPhone 8+, hand-held. Chinese payment methods available in … Continue reading

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