Programmers who want to curry favor (to be polite) with Paul Graham, the founder of Ycombinator, upvote postings on the Lisp programming language on

Humorously, one commenter noticed this gem in a Lisp article: 🙂

classichasclass 3 hours ago [-]

> correct-endian, i.e. little.

Hey now.

Paul and his co-founders used Lisp to write ViaWeb, an ecommerce startup that Yahoo! bought and rebranded as Yahoo! Stores. That sale became the stake used to start Ycombinator.

Paul himself credits these things with the success of ViaWeb in the pre-Web 1.0 era:

  1. using a scripting language, like Lisp, rather than Java
  2. right place and right time
  3. hiring a PR firm to get the word out and start traction.

Lisp Machine Inc. K-machine: The Deffenbaugh, Marshall, Powell, Willison architecture as remembered by Joe Marshall
W: Viaweb

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