pico-build: the world’s smallest three-environment build and deploy system

I recently created a new minimal build system, called pico-build, that is hosted on github.

pico-build is the world’s smallest, yet featureful, three-environment (dev, stage and prod) build and deploy system.

It uses make, but in a different way than normal – pico-build manages entire environments, not individual files.

$ make
usage: make [help|check|dev|stage|prod|dist|all]

It is intended for individual programmers and small teams who want to test and deploy to three environments, but don’t want to spend time setting up (and patching) Jenkins or building a CI/CD pipeline.

pico-build deploy flow
Folder structure of a website deployed with pico-build, showing the deploy flow in red

To deploy according to the diagram above:

$ make dev
$ make stage
$ make prod


$ make all

Please try it out and send me feedback or github pull requests! 🙂

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