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When I was working in Toronto in the mid-90’s, I was offered a game developer role at a downtown company.

At the time, I was one of the top arcade players on Centipede, Millipede, Battlezone and G-LOC. I had also written clones of Centipede for the PC in C and assembler.

They offered me exactly half the salary of another offer, and expected developers to sit shoulder-to-shoulder around wooden picnic tables. They oozed sketchiness, and I already knew how to write a game, so I passed. But hey, they had a blue screen room! 🙂

I moved into Internet Operations, ending up at Netscape. Eventually I did some consulting for a slot machine product which needed to pass Las Vegas gaming compliance. Small world! 🙂

To pass, one of the requirements was that the game had to be guaranteed to start in a known state each time, presumably in case employees or bettors tried to improve their odds by yanking the power and restarting the game.

That guarantee was accomplished by using a journalling filesystem and a built-in UPS with linux services carefully configured to start and stop reliably.

Some links showing how tough the game industry is in 2018:

The tragic end of Telltale Games Did I just waste 3 years? More Than 1,000 Jobs Were Lost in the Games Industry Over the Past Year, 10 Studios Closed Doors
Game Programmer Quits Job To Sell Street Food, Doubles Salary

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