Congrats to HondaJet for their New Elite Model

HondaJet Elite SP Jet

I’ve been following the development of the HondaJet for over a decade, and they just released their new Elite SP model with several small refinements that add up to major utility and fewer fuel stops over the original HF420.

Honda also worked on the main complaint of the first version, cabin noise, which was about 3 db higher (double) than desired for passengers.

  1. 200 pounds useful load increase (ie. “put on a diet”), significant for a light jet, esp. for sales to super-sized USA passengers (that’s what killed the Cessna 162 Skycatcher)
  2. 16 gallon additional fuel capacity
  3. better short-field performance and “NBAA IFR range with four passengers is now 1,437 nm, up 17 percent from 1,223 nm”
  4. avionics improvements, including further progress in using electronics checklists, similar to new military jet human factors. These enhancements are critical for SP operation.

$4.9 million is an interesting price point. You have to be a billionaire to afford a Gulfstream, but many successful business owners can handle a new HondaJet or a used Hawker lease, if they want full-size cabin space.

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