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Facebook Production Engineering Open House 2018

I attended the Facebook Production Engineering Open House at their Menlo Park HQ. “Production Engineering is Facebook’s secret sauce – it draws on multiple disciplines (Software Engineering, Systems Administration, Distributed Systems and Networking) to plan, build and maintain the massive … Continue reading

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Northrop Grumman F-5 Links

Northrop F5 Freedom Fighter HD Ron Gibb, former Northrop Grumman F-5 Project Office, conducts a walk-around of the F-5A Freedom Fighter F-0195 Northrop F-5A Tiger (Ad) NORTHROP T-38 TALON PROMOTIONAL FILM “THE VERSATILE T-38” 22594 NORTHROP F-20 TIGERSHARK SALES FILM … Continue reading

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PostgreSQL and “PANIC: replication checkpoint has wrong magic” error

PSA: I haven’t seen a solution to this issue online, so posting it here for search engines to index. PostgreSQL is an ACID-compliant database, but filesystem corruption can still prevent it from starting. In my case, a linux test instance … Continue reading

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AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) – Call Me Maybe

When is a load balancer not really a load balancer? When it’s an AWS Elastic Load Balancer (Classic ELB or ALB.) Although it’s been well-documented for at least 6 years, it’s still not well-known that one side of a Classic … Continue reading

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