Hiller Aviation Museum 2018

I spent the afternoon at the amazing Hiller Aviation Museum at San Carlos Airport (SQL).

The museum is a real gem, with compact (3 hours to see everything) but nice exhibits in the areas of:

1) Hiller helicopters
2) flying platforms
3) engines from 30 HP (Wright B) to 3,500 HP (Wasp), including a Merlin
4) flight simulators
5) 727 and 747 “steam gauge” cockpits
6) a truly beautiful Grumman Albatross
7) models of most other aircraft

(The Boeing SST that was on loan has been returned to Boeing.)

Flight Simulators at Hiller

Hiller has done a great job of integrating modern computer displays and flight simulators into their exhibits:

Mechanical Flight Simulators

– Curtiss P-2 with map table
– portable flight director
– IFR simulator
– Stearman simulator

Computer Flight Simulators

– 16x PC on 2nd floor (FS9 with Saitek yoke, engine quadrant, and pedals with 3 monitors)
– 1x Redbird FMX full-motion AATD
– Google Earth “wall”
– Wright Flyer (MS FS9 with wood levers and 3 screens)
– a real helicopter with cyclic control and 1 screen

They are moving to X-Plane 11 as PC hardware compatibility leaves FS9 behind.

Additional points of interest:

1) The 747-100 fuselage static display behind the museum lets you climb up the 1st class cabin and sit in the cockpit. It has 5 seats (pilot, copilot, navigator, radio and FAA.) It is closed at 4:30 pm.
2) Behind the 747-100 is a small platform where you can observe takeoffs and landings. It is closed at 4:30 pm.
3) The Burger King next door has a helicopter on static display outside, and historical aviation fotos and a “briefing area.”

avweb.com: Personal Flight Simulators: one-G Simulation

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