Postgresql vs MySQL in the Enterprise

There are few people who have used both MySQL and Postgresql in production at scale. Both are great Open Source databases, so I thought I’d add some comments based on my experience.

Feature MySQL/InnoDB Postgresql
Replication Many options, simple to admin Many options, many warts
Index Write Amplification No Yes
Error handling on disk full Sketchy Yes
Grants complexity Simple to understand Complex
Sync and Semi-sync options Several Yes
Easy-to-use CREATE PARTITION Yes PG 10+, root table is not real
ON DUPLICATE KEY Yes PG 9.5+, but odd
Partial Indexes No Yes
Functional Indexes No Yes
DELETE Purging Automatic Purge thread VACUUM
Object Names Finely-scoped Globally-scoped
Invisible Indexes 8.0+ hypopg extension

Howto Install Only psql on Mac OS X with ‘brew install libpq’

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