Superbowl 52 in Minneapolis

I watched Superbowl 52 on restaurant cable. Great seat for a great game with the the most ground and air yardage in history.

PHI won 41 – 33 NE in Minneapolis with some nice trick plays in the end-zone.

Brady started the game with an injured hand and had to bench for a while.

Sadly Brandon Cooks didn’t see a legal but huge hit coming after a reception and ran into a player with helmet contact, resulting in a head injury.

The kickers said they “had problems with the in-turf logos.” There were a few missed field goals, including one that hit the post.

Justin Timberlake did the half-time show, but with only 15 minutes to perform his appearance was too brief.

Nick Foles, High-Powered Eagles Stun Tom Brady, Patriots to Win Super Bowl 52

Jack in the Box (Jack and Martha Stewart) and Amazon (Alexa “turks”) had some funny commercials. These Are the Best 2018 Super Bowl Commercials

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