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AWS Loft Security Week – GuardDuty

This week was Security Week at the free AWS Loft SF. I went to the Threat Detection & Remediation (GuardDuty) day, since I use it. GuardDuty aggregates logs from 3 sources (VPC Flow Logs, AWS CloudTrail event logs and DNS … Continue reading

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Congrats to SpaceX on the Successful Launch of Falcon Heavy

Congrats to SpaceX on the successful launch of Falcon Heavy, with a Tesla for ballast. And yes, recovering two boosters simultaneously on adjacent pads is showing off, but of the best kind! FALCON HEAVY LANDING TWO BOOSTERS SIMULTANEOUSLY 02/06/2018 One … Continue reading

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Maintenance Banner mx_banner Available

While watching Superbowl 52, I finished my github project Maintenance Banner, aka mx_banner.php. It lets an application administrator schedule maintenance event notifications for a web application in a database, and the web application can then automatically display those on the … Continue reading

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Superbowl 52 in Minneapolis

I watched Superbowl 52 on restaurant cable. Great seat for a great game with the the most ground and air yardage in history. PHI won 41 – 33 NE in Minneapolis with some nice trick plays in the end-zone. Brady … Continue reading

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