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Table Partitions in MySQL and Postgresql

We’re lucky to have two great Open Source databases, MySQL and Postgresql. One of the killer features in both MySQL and Postgresql is table partitions – for example, most Silicon Valley adtech companies are powered by MySQL partitions. They let … Continue reading

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Postgresql Concepts for MySQL Users

Postgres’ UPSERT functionality is an important improvement. Although most developers think of it as a syntax improvement, it’s much deeper than that: the developer can do new and different things in one statement duplicate key log messages can be easily … Continue reading

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Last USA 747 Passenger Airplane Retired

The last 747 has been retired from passenger service in the USA. I’ll miss the 747 because it was the only widely-used airliner built for trans-oceanic flights: For safety reasons, I’d rather have 4 engines than 2 for trans-oceanic flights. … Continue reading

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Part 2: Migration Notes from MySQL to Postgresql Using pgloader

This is a multi-part series starting with Part 1. After perfecting the schema and data migration with pgloader rules and getting the application sessions and login code working, it was time to convert the non-working SQL statements to Postgres syntax. … Continue reading

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PSA: Intel and AMD Security Bugs and the DBA

Also affects Linux servers, which power the Cloud. There’s at least 5 problems related to the on-going Meltdown and Spectre serious CPU security bugs (AWS announcement) that impact the Database Administrator (DBA): in shared environments, like AWS or VMs, neighbour … Continue reading

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