Database Blob Normal Form – Blob NF

I propose a new normal form for databases, Blob Normal Form (Blob NF.)

Definition: A database is in Blob Normal Form (Blob NF) when all fields containing binary data or long arbitrary text are moved to tables consisting of a primary key and a blob column.

Good candidates for Blob NF are images and documents where database constraints are not applicable.

Motivation: Blob Normal Form solves physical and operational problems involving storage, performance, retention and character set assignment as blobs have wildly different characteristics from typical database values. A blob generally cannot act as a real primary key, so it can almost always be moved to a different table by itself (possible exceptions would be unique constraints, rarely used for blobs.)

Comment: Since Blob NF is not strictly a relational algebra database form, it should not have a numeric name as 1NF to 6NF have.

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