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How to Autoscale AWS RDS Read Slaves

I don’t see a lot of links on autoscaling AWS RDS read slaves. Is the reason: AWS RDS users are simply content with relying on features as they arrive? users could just be upsizing RDS masters or moving to Aurora, … Continue reading

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Database Blob Normal Form – Blob NF

I propose a new normal form for databases, Blob Normal Form (Blob NF.) Definition: A database is in Blob Normal Form (Blob NF) when all fields containing binary data or long arbitrary text are moved to tables consisting of a … Continue reading

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TechShop Closes November 15, 2017

I was a supporter for TechShop, but always wondered how it could operate in expensive urban locations like Silicon Valley. Well, it closed today. Here’s the announcement.

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Internet Latency and Multi-Master Database Transactions

There’s 2 common misconceptions in engineering West Coast – East Coast data centers: that packets travel at the speed of light that database masters can be located anywhere (ie. far apart.) What happens when we look at the actual latency … Continue reading

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The Awesome Cloudify Orchestration Tool Roundup Slides

Cloudify and Gigaspaces wrote a really useful slide deck titled, “Orchestration Tool Roundup – Docker Swarm vs. Kubernetes, TerraForm vs. TOSCA/Cloudify vs. Heat” dated June 11, 2015. There’s 3 things that make the slides awesome: they start with a sample … Continue reading

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