Amazon Waterproof Kindle Oasis

Interesting news that Amazon is selling a waterproof Kindle, and that previously Jeff Bezos used Kindles in a one-gallon Ziploc bag in the bathtub.

I worked on the Cloud backend for the discontinued Ricoh eQuill waterproof business tablet. There are myriad uses for a waterproof work tablet:

  • hotel room staff maid and minibar reporting
  • fairground employee and mechanical supervision notes
  • healthcare biological samples recording and hospital charts
  • since there’s no resale market for a serial-numbered industrial tablet, theft is reduced.

Ricoh eWriter Tablet

Ricoh Waterproof Ewriter Tablet (2011)

Amazon finally made a waterproof Kindle

W: International Protection Marking Code

Disclaimer: I have worked on tablet Cloud software for Amazon, Apple and Ricoh.

Ricoh Introduces the eWriter Solution ─ New Business-class Tablet and Back-end Services Improve Business Efficiencies by Moving Paper Processes Online
The Ricoh eQuill is an e-ink tablet for businesses
Ricoh Targets Channel With Tablet, Digital Workflow Services

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  1. Mark says:

    I have an application that I think would have been a great fit for and eQuill. There still exists a fair amount of Ricoh’s press releases on it’s launch. How long was it on the market? Did any ever make it into the field?

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