Vulcanair 1.0 Training Airplane

Vulcanair 1.0

I wasn’t aware that Vulcanair bought Partenavia out of bankruptcy in 1998, and has built an EASA-certified Cessna 172 clone, the Vulcanair 1.0, for almost half the price.

The 1.0 is a corrosion-proofed metal G500-based glass-cockpit 4-seater with an IO-360 engine. It has roughly the same performance as the old 172 XP or new Cessna SP, IFR-equipped for $259,000.

It has a constant-speed propeller but fixed landing gear, so doesn’t qualify as a complex aircraft. It would feel sporty when flown solo, climbing at over 1,000’/minute.

The 1.0 was announced in 2014, was exhibited this year at Oshkosh (AirVenture) and is targeting Fall 2017 for FAA certification. I didn’t see any listings on or, so there aren’t many flying yet. Vulcanair 1.0 Vulcanair’s Skyhawk Competitor Vulcanair V1.0 Trainer Aiming at U.S. Training Market
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