Solr Meetup at Cloudera in Palo Alto

Cloudera hosted another Solr Meetup at their office in Palo Alto. About 30 people attended.

Two software engineers from Cloudera did presentations tonite:

1) Michael Sun talked about his nitely Solr microbenchmark and cluster benchmarks.

Solr Nightly Benchmarks (SOLR-10317)

2) Mano Kovacs from Cloudera talked about Solr LIR trouble-shooting techniques

Nice t-shirt: “Data is the New Bacon.” 🙂

Leader incorrectly publishes state for replica when it puts replica into LIR (SOLR-9555)

He also talked about limitations and issues of of autoAddReplicas.

Recommends PlantUML for documentation.

Audience Questions

– piercing – checking 100 document versions may not be enough if there’s 1000 total versions

After party at Antonio’s Nuthouse on California Ave.

Thanks to Cloudera for hosting this event and the Mediterranean food!

Cloudera 1001 Page Mill Road Palo Alto, CA 94304

Apache Solr Memory Tuning for Production Algolia raises $53 million for its search engine API

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