Skype and Facetime Tips for Older Mac OS X Versions

PSA for Mac OS X users on older machines like Lion and Mountain Lion: if you’re stuck on Skype 6.15, and can’t do video chat after the Microsoft’s July 3, 2017 breaking update …

Apple Facetime is a free video chat application that comes with Mac OS X.

Some tips for using Facetime:

  1. It seems to use an entire CPU core, and will quickly drain your battery, so plug in.
  2. To add a new contact, you need to know their Apple ID email or their iPhone number. For phone numbers, use the full international prefix with 0 or 1, but without +.
  3. By default if Facetime has a window visible (ie. it’s opened), it will enable the camera and consume power. To prevent that, click on the yellow dot to minimize it (ie. background it.)
  4. To make Facetime wait for calls, minimize it (click on the yellow dot) or leave Contacts open.
  5. If Facetime is not for you, try iMessage/Messages/iChat.
  6. Facetime on iPhone is paused automatically when they switch apps and shows a “Paused” message. Facetime is not paused on Mac OS X.

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