Distributed Systems Laws Applied to Distributed Databases

Perl LogoAvery’s Law of Distributed Systems Reliability: “Distributed systems are more reliable when you can get a service from one node OR another. They get less reliable when a service depends on one node AND another. And the numbers combine multiplicatively, so the more nodes you have, the faster it drops off.”

Lamport’s Observation: “A distributed system is one in which the failure of a computer you didn’t even know existed can render your own computer unusable.”

Both sound simple enough, even obvious for systems serving HTTP(S) or caching.

But apply those to clustered and distributed databases, and you can do powerful analysis on expected availability.

Topo Nodes Database Configuration Reads during single node failure Writes without a failure Writes during single node failure
WAN 2 MySQL Master-Slave Async Replication OR Single Master NA
WAN 2 MySQL Master-Master (standby) Async Replication OR OR (Single Active) OR (Single Active)
LAN 2 MySQL Master-Slave Semi-sync Replication OR Single Master NA
LAN 2/4 MySQL CGE NDB Cluster Sync Replication OR OR NA
LAN 3 (Min.) MySQL Galera Sync Replication OR OR Requires quorum for OR
WAN 3 (Min.) Cassandra Appropriate RF and CL OR OR OR

acm.org: Turing Award to Leslie Lamport

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