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Vulcanair 1.0 Training Airplane

I wasn’t aware that Vulcanair bought Partenavia out of bankruptcy in 1998, and has built an EASA-certified Cessna 172 clone, the Vulcanair 1.0, for almost half the price. The 1.0 is a corrosion-proofed metal G500-based glass-cockpit 4-seater with an IO-360 … Continue reading

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PSA: Workarounds for CentOS 7.3 Problems with SE Linux 2.5

PSA: If you update to CentOS 7.3 and see odd console or log errors like this resulting in a hung boot: Failed to start Import network configuration from initramfs and/or work still pending FAILED Failed to start Login Service. See … Continue reading

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Air Canada 759 Near-Miss at SFO on July 7, 2017

Update: as of Jan. 14, 2018, there have been 3 incidents in the past 6 months of airliners lining up for the wrong runway at SFO. On July 7, 2017 an Air Canada jet nearly landed on a busy taxiway, … Continue reading

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Solr Meetup at Cloudera in Palo Alto

Cloudera hosted another Solr Meetup at their office in Palo Alto. About 30 people attended. Two software engineers from Cloudera did presentations tonite: 1) Michael Sun talked about his nitely Solr microbenchmark and cluster benchmarks. Solr Nightly Benchmarks (SOLR-10317) 2) … Continue reading

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Distributed Systems Laws Applied to Distributed Databases

Avery’s Law of Distributed Systems Reliability: “Distributed systems are more reliable when you can get a service from one node OR another. They get less reliable when a service depends on one node AND another. And the numbers combine multiplicatively, … Continue reading

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