SVG and Favicon Workflow Links

Inkscape Vector Editing Software (and Early SVG Reference Implementation)

Inkscape: Homepage, W

Automating App Assets With Inkscape HN discussion
SO: Convert and resize SVG to PNG
PySVG workflow plus pictdiff

“PNG rendering changes when a) Inkscape is updated, b) the operating system is updated, probably because the font rendering changes, c) rendering are not the same in different machines, even if both run the same OS.” Also, metadata like creation date are changed or added.

Imagemagick convert utility

convert -size 1000x1000 compass.svg compass.jpg
convert -background none -density 1000 -resize 1000x compass.svg compass.png

Dia Vector Editing Software (Basic Clone of Visio)

Dia: Homepage, Shape Library, W, Windows Installer

Favicon Resource Links Favicon – Why you’re doing it wrong, FAQ favicon-cheat-sheet SVG favicons
SO: SVG Favicon Not Working, Is there a way to render SVG favicons in unsupported browsers?,
How do I set an SVG element to my page’s favicon?, Changing website favicon dynamically
Which versions of IE support PNG favicons?
rel=”shortcut icon” considered harmful

Free Scalable Icons

Google Material Design Icons (Apache 2.0 Licence)
VMware Clarity Open Source Icons (MIT Licence)
Font Awesome Icons (Various permissive Open Source Licenses)
Bootstrap/Glyphicons (Free for use with Bootstrap projects, otherwise pay $59 for commercial license “legal certainty”)
Inkscape Open Symbols
Openclipart (CC Licence)

Miscellaneous Utilities

svgexport (node.js)
svgexport file.svg file.png 100:100
OptiPNG: Advanced PNG Optimizer
graphviz (dot) HN
Logo Crunch

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