Percona Live MySQL Conference 2017

Percona Live 2017 was again a well-organized and well-attended Open Source database conference this year in Santa Clara.

Percona Live 2017 Keynote Day 3 by Peter Zaitsev
Peter Zaitsev, Co-founder and CEO, Percona

Each year a different conference theme emerges. This year I would say it was timeseries databases, as there was a track dedicated to it, a keynote announcement on Facebook’s Beringei, and half of the expo booths were monitoring and related product vendors (VividCortex, InfluxDB, Timescale, ScaleDB, Grafana Labs, Solarwinds, etc.)

VividCortex actually had the primary expo real estate for the first time, as well as delivering multiple talks. Congrats!

Keynote Videos
Conference Videos

Some other interesting topics were:

These were the BoF Lightning Talks:

  1. “Successful stories around MySQL and MariaDB Multi-Source Replication” by Mariella Di Giacomo
  2. “What is Sharding” by Manjot Singh
  3. “Use slow logs to collect unique queries and their performance continuously” on Percona Server using log_slow_rate_limit with Michael Wang. (Feature to do sampled slow query analysis)
  4. “The two little bugs that almost brought down” by Jean-François Gagné. Impact of recent application bug and server replication panic bug due to a memory leak on their complex fanout topology. Possibly bug #69848. Possibly related.

The MyRocks BoF was very popular and lively. RocksDB is used internally at Facebook, and is in MariaD 10.2 as MyRocks. Mark Callaghan answered several questions and talked about Linux IO accounting as being inaccurate for SSD according to his customized version of fio, and generally lacking in performance-tracking features. Some audience members acted keen to adopt MyRocks, but it sounds like early days for public use. There was a session on MyRocks.

Thanks to Continuent for hosting their “customer appreciation dinner.” It was interesting talking to the CEO/owner, Eero Teerikorpi, about the history of Continuent over the years, MySQL replication and other major features used by enterprises.

Eero sold Continuent to VMware as a component in their cloud hosting plans, but when those plans were cancelled bought it back in 2016. So Continuent is independent again. (Robert Hodges and Giuseppe Maxima stayed at VMware.) They plan to invest more in their replication product. (I’ve used it previously for MySQL to Vertica replication.)

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