Moose (OO Perl)

Tonite at Silicon Valley Perl Mongers, Venugopal gave a talk on “Moose (OO Perl).”

It was a dark and stormy nite, but a dozen members still arrived.

Venugopal did a great job explaining how Moose works, with admirable patience.

Moose is an extension to Perl5’s built-in OO syntax that is more like what programmers from other languages expect when OO programming.

As a programming example, he used a File parent class with Text and Binary subclasses.

His plan is to add some examples to the slides and release them for public use.

Thanks again to Nvidia for hosting.

Getting there by public transit: take Caltrain to Sunnyvale station, then VTA 304 limited bus at 5:36 pm to Scott and Space Park. Nvidia Campus is at 2800 Scott Blvd., Building E. Depart with the VTA 60 Great America bus at 8:17 pm and 8:50 pm to the VTA Light Rail.

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